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Getting Started with iSurvey World

Just like every other survey program that’s available, it’s straightforward to get started with iSurvey. You can sign up for the program and have a profile in a matter of minutes. All that you have to do is answer some basic questions about yourself and give the necessary information. After that, you’ll be sent a confirmation link, and that will take you to their “survey dashboard,” where you can see your account details and rewards.

After you’ve created an account, it’s time to start answering surveys and earning money. There are a few things that you’ll need to do to get surveys. iSurvey provides a “qualify for a new survey” button, which will require that you answer a few questions about you and your household to give them an idea of which surveys that you’ll qualify for. Businesses only want answers from customers within their target audience, and these questions will show the survey site which of those demographics you fall under. After you finish those questions, you will be taken to the first available survey that you qualify for. After that, you’ll have to wait to get invited to a survey depending on your qualifications, and the number of invitations that you get is going to vary between users.

To increase your chances of getting, even more, surveys, it’s important that you fill out the profile information. The better picture that iSurvey has of you, the more surveys that you should be invited to. The more surveys that you’re invited to, the more money that you can make.

The length of the survey is going to vary for each one. Unlike some sites, iSurvey tries to keep their surveys short. Most of them will only take you around 15 minutes, and they will tell you the estimated length before you begin. After you’ve completed one of them, then you’ll see that you have some pending rewards, and it’s as easy as that. The will validate the survey, and then you’ll have full access to your reward.

The amount of money that you make per a survey is going to vary slightly depending on how long it takes to complete. Most surveys will give you around $1 – $2. This is pretty much on par with a lot of their competitors, but the problem is the time it takes for iSurvey to process your money.

After you’ve accumulated at least $25 in cash, you can then get your money transferred to a PayPal account. Once you request the cashout, it’s going to take a couple of weeks, or even a month for your money to show up. While the waiting period is not a deal-breaker for most users, it’s annoying that you have to wait so long to use the money that you’ve earned.

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Advantages of iSurvey World

One of the biggest benefits of iSurvey is how simple that it is to use. Unlike other programs that have a lot of frills and extra, iSurvey keeps it clean and basic. If you want nothing more than to fill out surveys and have your money in PayPal, then iSurvey is the place to go.

Another benefit is that you’ll get a $5 bonus just for signing up for the program. All that you have to do is create a profile, and then you’ll have an easy $5 bill in your account. Because iSurvey is so quick and easy to join, it doesn’t hurt to try it out, just to get the bonus money.

One of a unique advantages of iSurvey is that it’s run by Dale! Inc., which is one of the largest Latin American marketing firms. If you’re a Spanish speaker, then iSurvey can be a great option for you, because they offer plenty of additional surveys for Latino users. This is an advantage that you’ll pretty much only find with this program. Some sites don’t even have Spanish capabilities for their websites.

Every survey site has the problem of “disqualifying” users from surveys after they have started, and iSurvey is no different, but there are a lot fewer complaints about the issue. Compared to a lot of their competitors, either fewer people are getting kicked out of surveys or a lot fewer people complaining about the issue, either way, it’s an advantage.

Disadvantages of iSurvey World

There is always a flip side to a coin. Regardless of which survey company that you choose, there will always be users that have complaints. No survey portal is perfect, and iSurvey is no different. It’s important to note that you should only pay attention to the complaints that continue to pop up. If you see a consistent problem, then you should be aware of it when you’re deciding which program to join.

As with every survey site, there is going to be complaints about the number of surveys that users receive, but the problem is that it’s going to depend on the member and how many demographics that they fall into. Some users could get several surveys a week, while other members could not get an invitation for several weeks at a time. Because of how focused iSurvey is on market research, they have received a lot of praise for the number of surveys that they offer, but there are still some users that have complained about not getting enough opportunities.

One complaint that I saw once or twice was a member completing a survey, then getting kicked out and not getting the reward for it. I only saw this once or twice with all of the reviews, and it may not happen to you, but be aware that it’s happened before and you could be one of the victims.

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iSurvey World – Not the Best, but Not the Worst

If you’re wondering if iSurvey is a scam, don’t worry. It’s a legit way to earn some extra money. If you’re wondering if iSurvey is the BEST survey site on the market, well it’s hard to say. It’s not the worst, but it depends on what exactly you’re looking for.

If you want a simple site that you can use just to fill out surveys without all of the extra and full, then iSurvey is the place to go. Unlike Inbox Dollars and other sites that let you watch videos or play games to earn rewards, iSurvey does surveys and surveys only. They are the bare bones technique.

It costs nothing to join, so why not give it a shot? If you find that you don’t like the iSurvey approach or that you want to different reward options, then you can always delete your account (or keep it) and pick a different program.

Because of how short the iSurvey surveys are and the amount of cash that you make off each of them, I would suggest giving the site a shot. Depending on how many surveys that you qualify for, it’s easy to make around $20 every month, or even more. If you’re looking for a quick and straightforward way to make some extra money in your free time, then this is an excellent way to do it.

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