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Overall VyprVPN is a high-quality, fast, secure VPN that performed well in testing for this review. It offers a great lineup of applications that are user-friendly, secure, and reliable. The live chat support is also helpful if you need assistance getting anything setup.

VyprVPN speed tests with long-distance servers

Next up was testing long-distance servers in the United States and Canada from my location in Germany. As expected, due to the longer distance, the VyprVPN servers I tested in the US and Canada were not as fast as those tested in Europe.

+ Pros

  • Secure and reliable applications with strong encryption
  • Good speeds throughout the server network
  • Obfuscation features to defeat VPN blocking (Chameleon protocol)
  • Entirely self-owned and operated server network, including secure DNS (no third parties)
  • User-friendly applications for many devices/platforms
  • Located in a strong privacy jurisdiction (Switzerland)

– Cons

  • No cryptocurrency payment options
  • Uses virtual server locations throughout the network


No-Log VPN

Unlike some VPN providers, we never log your online activity, so you can be assured that no one sees what you’re downloading. It’s hidden from us, too.

Instant Kill Switch

In the rare case that your VyprVPN connection breaks, our ever-vigilant kill switch takes you offline. That way, you’re always protected.

Fastest Downloads

Enjoy unparalleled speeds every time you connect. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can download and upload content!

Based in Switzerland

Our company is incorporated in Switzerland which has some of the most favorable privacy laws in the world.

200,000+ Dynamic IPs

With VyprVPN, you frequently are assigned a new IP address when you establish a connection. That way, your identifying information is kept private.

Available on Any Device

Download our app onto as many as 5 devices with just one click. With VyprVPN, your privacy is protected no matter how you choose to connect.

How can I access restricted P2P websites with VyprVPN?

Because our VPN service treats all online traffic equally, you can use VPN to access any peer-to-peer site. Just connect to any of our secure, high-speed servers.

Does VyprVPN keeps logs of the files I download?

Absolutely not. VyprVPN is strictly a no-log VPN which means we don’t store any of your internet traffic data. It’s not visible to us and third parties can’t see it either.

How many devices can I use with VyprVPN?

VyprVPN works on all devices, and one account can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Simply download the VyprVPN app on your phone, laptop or any other device you want to be protected.
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